About Us

Lifesong Kenya was formed in 2010 and registered as a Community Based Organization in 2013. The organization is made up of supportive and committed individuals who are passionate about empowering boys and at-risk male teens through mentoring, coaching, character formation, healing and reconciliation.

Research shows that boys and young men who lack positive male role models  end up lacking direction, purpose and engage in social vices. This often results in engaging in violence, crime, school drop out, alcohol and drug abuse.

Who We Are

We are a Community Based Organization that is committed to empowering boys and at-risk male teens through mentoring, coaching and skill empowerment. This helps boys and young men to gain clarity, focus and develop positive masculinity that empowers them to be productive members of the community.

We believe that  when boys and at-risk male teens have access to equal opportunities to learn, grow and connect with others, they will thrive and live life to the fullest.

Not only does this lead to living in safe communities, it also prevents boys and at-risk male teens from engaging in social vices and crime.

We also believe that at-risk male teens who find themselves in conflict with the law deserve a second chance, access to quality educational opportunities, employable skills, reconciliation, healing and restoration back to their families and the community where they belong.

Our Program Activities

  • Capacity building through employable skills
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Discipleship
  • Healing and reconciliation
Who We Are

Our Model

Our model is based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15: 11 – 32).  In this Biblical account, a father provides equal opportunities to his sons. When the wayward son does wrong and commits to amend for his wrongdoing, he is welcomed back by his father. 

This gesture of providing equal opportunities for growth and reconciliation leads to healing and restoration. Above all, it also informs our understanding of God’s love, favour, provision, mercy and forgiving nature.

Consequently, the boys and at-risk male teens that Lifesong Kenya works need resources, skills, employment opportunities, healing and reconciliation in order to thrive in their communities.

That’s why our program is vital for their well-being and that of their communities. It is also the core that builds who we are as channels of positive masculinity, male role models, healing and reconciliation.

Our Current Needs

Our REAM Program is an ongoing activity which enrolls 15 boys who undergo training in juvenile prison for a period of 3 months. This means that we are able to impact 60 boys exiting juvenile prison every year. 

On the other hand, our Impact Zone program aims to empower 50 boys in primary school while our resource centre and library aims to serve 50 boys in Ng’ando and the surrounding community.

As a result, we need resources and funding to facilitate our program activities. Next year’s budget totals to Kshs. 2,092,800 ($ 20,928).

We plan to raise this budget by involving 200 people who can contribute Kshs. 850 ($8.5) per month. For instance, getting 200 supporters translates to each person giving Kshs. 10,200 ($104.64) for the whole year. 

This amount will enable us to cater for the following:-

  • administrative costs
  • program activities
  • staff and volunteer allowances


The Rose of Education Organization Founder
“The young men detained for nonviolent crimes at Kamiti Medium Security prison in Nairobi, Kenya, were intrigued when I arrived with a bag full of coconut shells, with James Ouma of Lifesong Kenya. Having met online via Facebook through a mutual colleague, I was impressed with the organization’s work with youth in the criminal system. The likelihood of recidivism for these young men is high. That is why the work Lifesong Kenya is so important.
It takes dedication, consistency and hard work to development the kind of trust and working relationship with the prison leaders and staff as James has. The young men served by James were welcoming, respectful and engaged throughout the 3-week art, fitness and literacy project we launched in collaboration my company, The Rose of Education Organization (TREO). It was heartwarming to see how these young people looked up to James as a father-figure. Something many of them lack.
I look forward to working with James again and expanding the program at Lifesong Kenya.”
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