our mission


Our vision is to reconcile teenage boys and the communities they have hurt through crime and reduce recidivism and crime through job skills training.

our vision


Our mission is to facilitate healing, hope, personal and spiritual growth through teaching employable skills.

We seek to provide a platform for reconciliation and reentry back to families and the community.


Lifesong Kenya was formed in 2010 and registered as a community based organization in 2013. The organization is a supportive community that empowers teenage boys exiting Kamiti Youth Correctional Training Centre by providing employable skills through its REAM Program.

Research shows that boys who exit prison with employable skills have better chances of overcoming stigma and rejection from family and the community. Employable skills also help in reducing recidivism and reoffending.

When crime or offence occurs, relationships are damaged, lives are broken, opportunities are missed and alienation happens.

This being so, Lifesong Kenya aims at involving wrongdoers, victims of crime and the community in reconciliation, healing and making amends through restorative justice.


  • Capacity building through ICT training, soft skills and providing employable skills
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Discipleship
  • Healing and reconciliation

Our Model

Our model is based on the parable of the Prodigal Son where the wayward son is welcomed back by his father in a gesture of reconciliation that leads to healing, restoration and our understanding that God is merciful and forgiving (Luke 15: 11 – 32).

The whole Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – contains a thread of God’s strategy of reconciling man to Himself through healing, forgiveness and redemption through Jesus Christ.

The teenage boys that Lifesong Kenya works with have committed crimes and mistakes that have hurt their relationship with the community around them.

Since they are already atoning for their mistakes by being in prison, they need healing, reconciliation and mending of broken relationships.

That’s why our program is vital for their well-being and that of the community they are reintegrating to.

Our Belief

Last year, Lifesong Kenya managed to graduate more than 50 boys from our ICT and job preparedness program. After remaining in touch with 4 boys who are right now finding their feet in the community, we discovered we needed to do more. That is how we decided to focus on restorative justice.

By involving offenders, families and the people they have hurt, we will achieve greater impact. It helps offenders know they are going back to a community where they have been forgiven and accepted with open arms.

This model has not been used before at the prison and when we tabled it at the beginning of this year, it was readily accepted.

Empowering boys with employable skills, character development and job preparedness and involving the people they have wronged – most of the time their own family members – will enable Lifesong Kenya to reduce reoffending and crime rates.

Our Current Needs

We have a class of 25 boys for a period of 3 months, which means that we are able to impact 100 boys every year. 

We need resources and funding to facilitate our program and activities. This year’s budget totals to Kshs. 2,092,800 ($ 20,928).

We plan to raise this amount by involving 200 people who’ll contribute Kshs. 850 ($8.5) per month. If we get 200 people willing to support us this will translate into each person giving Kshs. 10,200 ($104.64 for the whole year. 

This amount will enable us to cater for the following:-

  • Administrative costs
  • Program activities
  • Staff and volunteer allowances

Future Plans

Almost 75% of boys who exit juvenile prison often face stigma and rejection from family members and the community. If they were in schools, no school is willing to welcome them back or enroll them as new students. This being so, the boys commit crimes and return to prison as hardened criminals.

Lifesong Kenya seeks to address this by providing a halfway centre where such boys will be provided with temporary refuge. This will enable us to ensure if it is safe for the boys to return home or relocate elsewhere.

We will also use the centre for the following activities:-

  • training the boys on how to find jobs based on their skills
  • pair the boys with business mentors
  • rear chicken, rabbits and carry out small scale farming
  • explore bicycle courier services as a business
  • link the boys with job opportunities

These activities will enable Lifesong Kenya to achieve sustainability. We’ll also be able to provide tangible solutions that will help reduce crime and re-offending.

our story
BOYS IN 2019

We need you and your help

It’s impossible to accomplish greater things without wonderful people like you getting onboard.

We always need volunteers who love to help and look forward to seeing you soon!

We first met James and his wife while they were empowering a group of girls and know Lifesong Kenya has a heart for young people in hopeless situations. We've been supporting the prison ministry and believe it is a program that will transform the lives of many boys and young men.
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