What We Do

Reaching OutReaching Out

We are always there to help boys and at-risk male teens to make sense of the circumstances they’ve found themselves in and outside prison.

This helps them to come to terms with what has happened and had led to their current reality. This enables them to find creative solutions that makes charting a new path possible.



Lifesong Kenya provides an avenue for boys and at-risk male teens to learn a new skill that they can use to find creative solutions. 

This includes teaching the boys ICT, positive masculinity, financial literacy, creative writing, soft skills and ensuring that we provide the best learning experience.

Reducing StigmaReducing Stigma

Vulnerable boys and at-risk male teens often face stigma and rejection from their peers, families and their community. As a result, they often end up having low self-esteem and engage in social vices such as crime and drug abuse.

We are trying to reduce this through our intervention and won’t stop until we get there.



Vulnerable and at-risk boys and male teens often blame themselves, their families, community and surroundings for their reality.

Their self-esteem and confidence is completely shattered and needs rebuilding. Our first step is to help them replace old habits with new thoughts and ways of doing things.


When crime and offence happens, relationships are ruined. As a result, conflicts happen and people who used to relate well don’t see eye to eye. 

Our duty and responsibility is to provide a forum for healing and reconciliation between our boys, their families and the people they have hurt. 


We rely on building and developing relationships with various stakeholders that include wonderful people like you!

Our success cannot be possible without help from others. We are grateful for those who continue to volunteer their time and skills and generous donations and giving.

Want to Help Us?

It is impossible to fully empower our exceptional young men without wonderful people like you. We are therefore looking for you. Here’s how you can help

Our Programs and Activities

Lifesong Kenya recognizes that boys and at-risk male teens who lack positive mentoring and sense of belonging, seek alternatives in violence, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse. As a result, relationships between people in the community is ruined and damaged.

This being so, our programs and activities seek to provide resources, training and a safe space for boys and at-risk male teens to develop, grow and thrive.

We are convinced that enhancing healthy relationships, character formation and skills training helps in the prevention and reduction of crime, drug abuse, violence and school drop out.

Therefore, our programs seek to bring together at-risk male teens, their families and the community in dialogue. This provides an avenue for making amends. In addition, it also brings closure to matters that may derail the development of at-risk male teens.

Employable Skills

Teaching at-risk male teens employable skills in ICT, barbering, financial literacy, soft skills and character formation.

Impact Zone

Engaging at-risk male teens who are in school in programs that enhances their family life, academic performance and prevents them from engaging in social vices, criminal and gang activities.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Mediating between at-risk male teens, their families and the people they have hurt for purposes of facilitating healing and reconciliation

Half Way Cycle

Raising money and creating awareness about our programs and activities through our annual cycling event. The money raised is used to fund our programs and activities.

Project 54

This program aims at involving 54 Exceptional Men and Women in a series of weekly talks and appearances to inspire our boys and at-risk male teens to a life of excellence. This includes inviting men who are in different spheres of careers and life experiences. Are you a man who is looking for an opportunity to give back to the community by giving motivational talks to our boys and exceptional young men? Please sign up today.

What Our Mentees Say About Us​

"I knew about Lifesong Kenya in 2017 when I enrolled in their mentorship and character formation program. Through the program I was able to learn how to use computers, how to relate with people and avoid engaging with bad companies. I have just finished my primary education and look forward to what lies ahead."
Waylong BULIMU
2017 Graduate
I got into the Lifesong Kenya program when I was at a crossroad. I learned computer skills, customer care and how to present myself. I can now operate a computer, create business cards and operate other Microsoft Office packages. I also didn’t know my true identity (as a child of God), and appreciate this mentoring program for helping me to become a good leader, good actor, singer and an upcoming Master of Ceremony.
2017 Graduate
“When I was joining Lifesong Kenya's REAM Program, I didn’t know how to operate a computer or design business cards. I also did not know that my complainant would withdraw the charges against me and that I would be free to go home. Lastly, the program helped change my character and the way I look at friendship. Thank you Lifesong Kenya for changing my life and helping me to see my full potential!”
2019 Graduate
The Lifesong Kenya team took very good care of me when I was leaving YCTC and going back to my family. They provided transportation to Fort Ternan and Koru where they negotiated with my step mom and grand mother concerning my reintegration back into the community. This helped me to re-unite with my family. I'm now looking forward to going back to school. Thank you Lifesong Kenya!
2019 Graduate
"I enrolled for the REAM Program because of the motto which says Empowering and Enriching Lives! Through the program I got to learn how to forgive myself, take full responsibility for my mistakes and ask for forgiveness. I also got connected to my family who started attending my court cases which helped in my healing and reconciliation back to my family and the community where I grew up."
Kennedy MUTUA
2019 Graduate
When I arrived at YCTC, Mr Abongo (the officer in charge of education) and Mr Masheti (human rights officer) helped me. Without them and Lifesong, I don’t know what would have happened to me. I come from a poor family that still struggles to put food on the table. But after signing up for Lifesong Kenya’s program, I came to realize that there is hope. I learned computer through Lifesong Kenya and I am able to use computers. This is a skill that I could only learn while in prison. After leaving prison, I went back to school. Right now, I am in Form 3 and have high hopes for my future. I look forward to joining Form Four next year and doing well. I believe that after I have done well I can come back here and apply for a job as one of the officers. There is nothing that can stop me from doing this.
2017 Graduate
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