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Welcome to our testimonials page and learn what the recipients of our programs, volunteers, staff and partners have to say about us. Hope you will learn more about our work, focus and impact and get involved in some capacity.

“The young men detained for nonviolent crimes at Kamiti Medium Security prison in Nairobi, Kenya, were intrigued when I arrived with a bag full of coconut shells, with James Ouma of Lifesong Kenya. Having met online via Facebook through a mutual colleague, I was impressed with the organization’s work with youth in the criminal system. The likelihood of recidivism for these young men is high. That is why the work Lifesong Kenya is so important.
It takes dedication, consistency and hard work to development the kind of trust and working relationship with the prison leaders and staff as James has. The young men served by James were welcoming, respectful and engaged throughout the 3-week art, fitness and literacy project we launched in collaboration my company, The Rose of Education Organization (TREO). It was heartwarming to see how these young people looked up to James as a father-figure. Something many of them lack.
I look forward to working with James again and expanding the program at Lifesong Kenya.”
Contact: anthonyhall488@gmail.com
Anthony 'Grandpa STORK' Hall, TREO Founder
Kevin Odundo
Kevin Odundo, Volunteer

At-risk male teens deserve a second chance and an opportunity to develop into loving and caring boys and young men in the society.


We first met James and his wife while they were empowering a group of girls in 2014. Lifesong Kenya has a heart for young people in hopeless situations and need help to do more.

We’ve been supporting the prison ministry and believe it is a program that will transform the lives of many boys and young men. I strongly encourage you to consider supporting Lifesong Kenya and the work that James does, in and our of juvenile prison.

Contact: john@wollwerthimagery.com

John Wollwerth
John Wollwerth, Wollwerth Imagery

“I knew about Lifesong Kenya in 2017 when I enrolled in their mentorship and character formation program. Through the program I was able to learn how to use computers, how to relate with people and avoid engaging with bad companies. I have just finished my primary education and look forward to what lies ahead.

James and Cynthia have been very supportive by inviting me for sleepovers at their house and allowing me to join the Half Way Cycle team. I really appreciate Lifesong Kenya and the whole team.”

Waylong Bulimu
Waylong Bulimu, Program Beneficiary

I got into the Lifesong Kenya program when I was at a crossroad. I learned computer skills, customer care and how to present myself. I can now operate a computer, create business cards and operate other Microsoft Office packages.

I also didn’t know my true identity (as a child of God), and appreciate this mentoring program for helping me to become a good leader, good actor, singer and an upcoming Master of Ceremony.

Through Lifesong Kenya, I have been able to meet exceptional young men who have their own companies and businesses. I also enjoy visiting and spending time with James, Cynthia and the other team members.

Basil Kungu, Program Beneficiary
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