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REAM Program Campaign is Gaining Momentum

Last week, we launched a social media campaign where we were asking for support for our program. Continue reading and find out how our REAM Program is gaining momentum. Mobilizing resources and funding is part and parcel of empowering vulnerable groups. Of course, working with vulnerable calls for much more than the availability of resources […]

The 8 Days that Gave Me a Glimpse of Life Behind Bars

Would you like to know how I got involved in working in prison? Read on and find out how it all started. Spending 8 days under police custody paved way for my work with exceptional young men in juvenile prison In 2005, I got arrested and spent 8 days under police custody in two different [...]

The key to Lifesong Kenya’s success this year

Our REAM Program kicked off this week in earnest. We had missed going to prison and dearly missed meeting our exceptional young men. Our long absence was as a result of taking part in our maiden 500 KM bike ride from Nairobi to Migori Town. Being our first long ride, I took close to two [...]

The ride that changed the way I view my work with vulnerable groups

Half Way Cycle 2018: Day 2 Aloe Park, Naivasha to Gees Inn, Nakuru Distance Cycled: 205 KM This is a continuation of How My Maiden Cycling Adventure Unfolded. For the next one week I will be sharing what happened during my maiden 500 KM bike ride to raise funds for my work with boys in juvenile prison. Don't be fooled [...]

Why a Halfway House Makes More Sense Now

Having a halfway house will help us to provide a firm foundation for our boys to find their feet again We are on our way to Meru to follow up with one of our exceptional young men. As we embark on this new journey, I can't help but reflect on the past 5 days. The [...]

Money does not grow on trees but I wish it did

  Lifesong Kenya empowers exceptional young men to focus on the treasures they've as opposed to what they lack Where I grew up, money was hard to come by. Things became harder after my dad died when I was 13 years old. Not only did his death come with a scarcity of resources and money, [...]

9 Exceptional Young Men Graduated Today

The wonderful cake that Syoks Bakehouse crafted for our graduation class It's been a long journey of faith, belief, trust, questioning (myself, my ability to pull it off and my favorite: y o y o me???!), doubt and going back to the drawing board. But one thing gives us the strength to keep focused and [...]

Walking On Cloud Nine

Heather Henderson acts as a real life client approving an order Have you ever walked on cloud nine? What does it really mean to walk on cloud nine? Well, I have no way of knowing what walking on cloud nine means. However, that is what I felt leaving juvenile prison today. Heather Henderson and I [...]

Taking Pieces of Me Away

It has been 8 months since the last time I tried calling Diamond on his mom's phone. I can't believe that it has taken that long before I could call again. It isn't that I have lacked credit to call. Neither have I been too busy to call. Nor have I forgotten that Diamond and [...]

Our Inside OUT Juvenile Prison Program is turning lives around

Learners designing logos and business cards during Lifesong Kenya's Inside OUT Program When Bernardo Silva (not his real name and yes, he's a Manchester City fan!) joined Lifesong Kenya's exceptional young men's program, he had little faith. Not only was it his first time to touch a computer, no man had ever shown faith in [...]
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