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our programs An offence and prison sentence tears communities and families apart

Lifesong Kenya recognizes that when crime or offence occurs it harms people and damage relationships. It also leads to broken lives, missed opportunities and alienation. This being so, involving wrongdoers, victims of crime and the community is the only way of healing and making amends.

Our programs seek to promote, support, nurture and repair relationships that have been broken as a result of offense. We are convinced that enhancing healthy relationships helps in the rehabilitation process of offenders.

Therefore, our programs seek to bring together offenders, communities and victims of crime in dialogue. This aims at providing an avenue for making amends and bringing closure to matters that may derail reintegration of offenders exiting prison.

Our programs

(a). The REAM Program

Reintegration: restoring offenders to wholeness by empowering them with spiritual nourishment, employable skills and character formation.

Exit: provide an exit plan that involves business owners and institutions in the community.

Amends: enabling wrongdoers to take the initiative of repairing the harm they have caused.

Mediation: creating opportunities for reconciliation and healing of offenders, victims and the community at large.

(b). Employable Skills

Lifesong Kenya introduced character development mentoring to 100 boys in 2017. Before the end of 2017, we introduced ICT training. So far, over 60 boys have graduated from our previous computer classes.

Our plan is to empower more boys with employable skills that will include:-

  • ICT and computer skills
  • soft skills
  • photography
  • business development, etc

(c). Perpetual Revolving Fund

This is a business development fund aimed at empowering young men with business skills. We hope to link the boys with resources needed to start a business. The eligible recipients will undergo financial training before they receive a business loan.

Once the boys receive the loan, they are expected to return it with a small interest. This same money will be used as a revolving fund for future business ventures.

It will be an ideal way of exiting boys from the prison and will include the following:

  • business proposal writing
  • business management skills
  • book and record keeping
  • job shadowing and placement
  • business funding and development

Future Plans

  • Big Brother, Big Sister Program

This is an avenue for individuals of all kinds to bring on board their various skills. The beauty of this is that you can volunteer a few minutes or hours of your time and share a skill.

The advances in technology has made sharing of skills and expertise to be possible via video. This means that you can grab a few minutes and share about goal setting, how to write a CV and so on with our young men.

Doing so will turn you into a big brother and sister that our boys needs. What do you think?

  • Halfway House
Almost 75% of boys who exit juvenile prison often face stigma and rejection from family members. This being so, the boys commit crimes and going back to prison as hardened criminals. Lifesong Kenya seeks to address this by providing a halfway centre. 
The halfway centre will provide temporary refuge. This will enable us to ensure if it is safe for the boys to return home or relocate elsewhere. Boys and families who need post prison counseling will also receive it as continue the reconciliation process.
We will also use the centre for the following activities:-
  • training the boys on how to find jobs based on their skills
  • pair the boys with business mentors
  • rear chicken, rabbits and carry out small scale farming
  • link the boys with job opportunities
The halfway house will also provide a safe refuge for young men who need temporary shelter as they sort out their lives. This could be as a result of being new in the city, losing a job among other reasons.
Lifesong Kenya is currently raising funds for the half way centre and need your help. Would you like to support us?

Follow this link to learn more.

List of Resources Needed

We need partnership in terms of getting volunteers and resource people who will help us get:

  1. Funding and facilitation of programmes and activities
  2. Computers and accessories for the computer literacy program
  3. Exercise books, novels, mathematical sets, revision and other learning materials
  4. Resources and equipment for business development activities
  5. Employees who can mentor the young people in our project

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