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Are you looking for volunteer opportunities that will empower boys to exit prison with employable skills? Here’s how you can get involved with what Lifesong Kenya is doing.

We are always looking for volunteers who will provide the best learning experience for our exceptional young men. It will also enable us to reintegrate and reconcile the boys back to their families and the community.

We are also looking for skilled volunteers who can equip our staff and volunteers with the following skills:-

  • program design
  • event design and management
  • proposal writing
  • fundraising
  • resource mobilization
  • volunteer coordinator
  • community development worker/social worker
  • business development
  • life coach
  • counseling 

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
~Elizabeth Andrew

Get involved

inside OUT program
Lifesong Kenya prepares young people to exit prison with employable skills that helps reduce recidivism and their chances of coming back to prison as hardened criminals

Volunteering with Lifesong Kenya enables you to become part of our unique experience. Your skills will create an unmatched transformation that will enable more young people to gain employable skills.

While most of our volunteer opportunities can be done remotely (from the comfort of your couch), a site visit is highly advised. We believe that meeting the recipients of our program will provide more insight into our work.

Our volunteer opportunities require you to commit at least four months. However, a shorter stay is also okay.

Please contact us for more information.



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