Are you looking for an opportunity to give back in a unique way? Get involved today and learn how working with Lifesong Kenya can become a stepping stone in your career path.

Getting involved as a volunteer can help you to become productive, and useful. A volunteer experience enables you to know your skills, interests and values, which are essential for your career success.

It is also an ideal way to learn more about yourself and your potential to grow and develop. Here are our current volunteer opportunities.

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Heather Henderson helps our past class during Lifesong Kenya's graphic design session at YCTC

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator will assess the needs of Lifesong Kenya for volunteers and meet them through recruitment, placement and retention of volunteers.

Roles of Volunteer Coordinator

Researching and writing volunteer policies and procedures

  • Generating appropriate opportunities for various volunteers and describing their roles based on Lifesong Kenya needs
  • Promoting volunteering through recruitment and publicity strategies and campaigns that will increase volunteer involvement
  • Monitoring and evaluating activities and writing reports for funders and trustees of the organization
  • Offering advice and information to volunteers, organizations and partners

Social Worker

The volunteer will help communities to bring social change and improve the quality of life with individuals and families receiving Lifesong Kenya services.

Roles of Social Worker

Identify community skills, assets, issues and needs of the recipients of Lifesong Kenya services

  • Building links with other groups and agencies that will add value, provide funds and partnership opportunities
  • Helping to raise public awareness on issues affecting the community
  • Preparing reports and policies
  • Raising and managing funds
  • Developing and implementing strategies
  • Tracing and linking children with their families

Resource Mobilizer

This position can be done online but an onsite visit is highly advised. The individual will be tasked to increase contributions of individuals and groups by building relationships and exploring new fundraising avenues from various sources as well as mobilize resources needed.

Roles of a Resource Mobilizer

Mobilizing in-kind donations such as computers, books, learning material e.t.c

  • Fundraise for our programmes and activities
  • Help build our network with other like minded organizations
  • Help locate and create relationships with donors and partners
  • Help connect our organization with volunteers
  • Locate organizations that are offering funding and resources



This position is to be filled by an individual who will be tasked to increase contributions of individuals and groups by building relationships and exploring new fundraising avenues from various sources.

Roles of a Fundraiser

Build and develop new networks with existing and potential partners and supporters

  • Raise awareness of the work and needs of Lifesong Kenya
  • Inspiring new supporters to raise money while maintaining and developing existing relationships for purposes of raising more funds and in-kind resources for Lifesong Kenya programmes and activities
  • Organizing activities and events that are aimed at collecting goods and money for projects
  • Developing and implementing strategies for individual and corporate supporter recruitment and development
  • Increasing funding by researching and targeting partners/donor whose criteria match Lifesong Kenya’s aims and activities
  • Managing and updating databases to record donor contact and preference information,

Life Coach

This is a position that is to be filled by an individual who will teach the children basic life skills and how they can respond to issues and challenges they face in their life. The life coach should be able to have a manual, ice breaker games and be ready to put the children’s interests at the centre.

Roles of Life Coach

  • Teach life skills
  • Mentor and direct the children on responsible lifestyles
  • Provide complimentary service to teachers and other staff by addressing the needs of learners who require help in overcoming barriers to learning in order to achieve their full potential
  • Liaising with staff to identify learners who would benefit from mentoring
  • Helping learners who are underperforming in their subjects, either on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting
  • Developing and implementing strategies to support learners by building their self-esteem and confidence
  • Advising parents and guardians on behavior strategies and parenting skills
  • Maintaining accurate records and preparing written progress reports on work carried out
  • Helping source for funding and resources to support learners and other activities
  • Helping with transition activities for learners moving from primary to secondary school



The counselor will provide support that will enable service users to help themselves

Roles of Counselor

  • Giving evidence in prison
  • Preparing and maintaining accurate records for legal action
  • Liaising with, and making referrals to other agencies
  • Recommending and sometimes making decisions about the best course of action for a particular service user
  • Offering information and support to service users and their families
  • Conducting interviews with service users and their families to assess and review their situation
  • Visiting juvenile offenders, tracing their families and the people they have wronged
  • Helping service users explore their feelings and emotions that are often related to their responses to issues
  • Helping service users come to terms to what has happened and come to terms with it


Writing and Story-Sharing Group

This opportunity aims at teaching boys and young people how to write and use writing as a medium of sharing stories. Since writing is a form of therapy, it will enable the recipients of the program to find a means of expressing themselves and find release.

Those interested may take up creative writing and use it to earn an income as writers.

Required Skills

  • Mentoring
  • Literacy / Reading
  • Reading / Writing
  • Group Facilitation
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Youth Services

Half Way Cycle Event Manager

As an event manager, you can hold your own event to raise funds by encouraging your network of friends and others to get involved and support us in a variety of ways. You can also use those events as a forum to raise awareness of our restorative justice program that aims to involve the offending party, the offended individual and the community in healing, reconciliation and restoration. We will offer you a link to our online fundraising platform and other resources, an opportunity to develop skills in event management and on-going support and guidance.

What Skills Are Needed?

  • Good planning and time management skills
  • Sociable and the ability to build relationships
  • The ability to be resourceful and entrepreneurial
  • Good communications skills
  • Event planning, design and execution
  • Identifying and contacting potential individual and corporate sponsors
  • Mobilizing cyclists, cycling resources and designing promotional material etc.
  • Promoting the event both on and offline for purposes of geting more support
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