REAM Program

Why I Will Not Tire of Asking for Help

I recently asked for help from all the forums that I belong to. 90% of the members of those groups did not respond. It is a trend that I have lived through for the past 5 years. Here’s why I will not tire of asking for help. It has been 6 years since I began […]

How crime can affect you

Did you know that crime, however small, can have a long lasting effect? Learn how crime can affect you. Unlike an accident that happens unexpectedly, people who commit crime are deliberate. They intentionally plan to steal a valuable belonging that you have spent lots of money, effort and time to acquire. Unfortunately, an offense or […]

REAM Program Campaign is Gaining Momentum

Last week, we launched a social media campaign where we were asking for support for our program. Continue reading and find out how our REAM Program is gaining momentum. Mobilizing resources and funding is part and parcel of empowering vulnerable groups. Of course, working with vulnerable calls for much more than the availability of resources […]

The 8 Days that Gave Me a Glimpse of Life Behind Bars: Exit Wounds

The Peugeot we were in hit Jogoo Road and made an illegal U-turn towards Bahati Estate. When I saw the estate fly by, I couldn't help think about being taken to Kiambiu Slums or the Dandora dump site. So many things went through my mind. None of those things was positive. The strongest of these [...]

The 8 Days that Gave Me a Glimpse of Life Behind Bars: Part 3

Previous post: The 8 Days that Gave Me a Glimpse of Life Behind Bars: Part 2 That night, I didn't sleep. Granted, the cell floor was wet with our sweat, which was made more unbearable by the fact that we were sleeping on the floor hugging each other. There was Kiplagat who, according to Mustapha, [...]

The key to Lifesong Kenya’s success this year

Our REAM Program kicked off this week in earnest. We had missed going to prison and dearly missed meeting our exceptional young men. Our long absence was as a result of taking part in our maiden 500 KM bike ride from Nairobi to Migori Town. Being our first long ride, I took close to two [...]
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