Lifesong Kenya

The ride that changed the way I view my work with vulnerable groups

Half Way Cycle 2018: Day 2 Aloe Park, Naivasha to Gees Inn, Nakuru Distance Cycled: 205 KM This is a continuation of How My Maiden Cycling Adventure Unfolded. For the next one week I will be sharing what happened during my maiden 500 KM bike ride to raise funds for my work with boys in juvenile prison. Don't be fooled [...]

4 Unique Ways You Can Support Lifesong Kenya

Waylong Bulimu is one of our long term mentees who desires to go back to school and finish his education Lifesong Kenya’s programs and intervention is having remarkable impact on the lives of juvenile offenders. More boys are re-joining their families having hope, faith and confidence after going through our programs. This being so, we [...]

Why education programs in prison needs your support

Lifesong Kenya's successful educational programs is empowering boys to dream big My work as volunteer in the Kenyan prison system 2012 has opposed me to the glaring truth and a worldwide trend. This means that most – I am yet to hear the opposite – that prisons across the world lack financial and material support. [...]

Half Way Run and Cycle Fundraising Trip

The idea to run and cycle to raise funds for Lifesong Kenya's juvenile prison program was birthed in 2016 7 months ago, I planned to have two long distance bike rides to raise funds for Lifesong Kenya's juvenile prison program. The first trip was to happen in June (Nairobi to Lake Victoria) while the second [...]

Counting Down to Lifesong Kenya’s Third Graduation

Heather Henderson plays the role of a client to one of our exceptional young men Today marked a very special day in the lives of Lifesong Kenya's staff and the exceptional young men we're working with. The 15 young men have been learning how to design logos, birthday cards, business cards and handling clients. Personally, [...]

Taking Pieces of Me Away

It has been 8 months since the last time I tried calling Diamond on his mom's phone. I can't believe that it has taken that long before I could call again. It isn't that I have lacked credit to call. Neither have I been too busy to call. Nor have I forgotten that Diamond and [...]

Our Inside OUT Juvenile Prison Program is turning lives around

Learners designing logos and business cards during Lifesong Kenya's Inside OUT Program When Bernardo Silva (not his real name and yes, he's a Manchester City fan!) joined Lifesong Kenya's exceptional young men's program, he had little faith. Not only was it his first time to touch a computer, no man had ever shown faith in [...]

Gunning for an Oscar Moment

Last Sunday was Father's Day. My plan to attend second service ended up with me gunning for an Oscar moment that I hadn't anticipated. Not only did things move at a fast pace, it sounded like a scene out of a movie filled with redemption, grace, God's goodness and mercy. It all began when I [...]

Glimmers and Rays of Hope

Matt and Michael visiting from Siena College /Photo: Earnest Okello This past week has offered our juvenile prison program through Lifesong Kenya glimmers and rays of hope in our juvenile prison this past week. It has been a long journey and there are times I have considered throwing in the towel. But each time I [...]
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