9 Exceptional Young Men Graduated Today

Help Lifesong Kenya to Provide a Lifeline to Exceptional Young Men
The wonderful cake that Syoks Bakehouse crafted for our graduation class

It’s been a long journey of faith, belief, trust, questioning (myself, my ability to pull it off and my favorite: y o y o me???!), doubt and going back to the drawing board.

But one thing gives us the strength to keep focused and invested in our vision, calling and purpose to exploring positive masculity with boys and young men.

We are rooted in Christ Jesus and on our purpose inspite of the many challenges and set backs we keep facing.

The shop that closes during prison time

There a few of our customers who, by now, understand why we close our shop to go to prison. 90% of them don’t understand, even we when we explain we went to prison, they doubt our seriousness to do business.

The children – especially the ones who used to write ‘bad shop’ on our doors and walls – keep asking why we close the shop.

To us, going to prison is our core business and hope we will make profit to make up for our loses when when we close to go to prison.

Why closing out shop is worth a million bucks

Lifesong Kenya
Seeing our exceptional young men’s progress is worth closing our shop

As these group of 9 exceptional young men graduate from Lifesong KENYA skill empowerment program, I am super proud, happy and joyous to taste a mixture of tears, sweat and blood that have been shed along the way.

Every one of these boys have shared their business ideas and how they are going to show positive masculinity to their moms, siblings, dads and the communities they are going back to.

This is how you come in

Half way run and cycle fundraising
I am soon embarking on a bike ride across Kenya to raise funding for next year’s program and need your support

As we prepare for the next group of boys, our need for resources and funding is becoming more urgent, bigger and needs to be met.

I request you to start pluging in by supporting our vision of empowering boys and young men exiting juvenile prison. Your support will enable Lifesong Kenya to provide a lifeline.

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9 Exceptional Young Men Graduated Today

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