Taking Pieces of Me Away

Taking Pieces of Me Away

It has been 8 months since the last time I tried calling Diamond on his mom’s phone. I can’t believe that it has taken that long before I could call again.

It isn’t that I have lacked credit to call. Neither have I been too busy to call. Nor have I forgotten that Diamond and his mom ever crossed my path.

I would be lying if I were to claim any of those reasons. Here’s why I haven’t been able to call Diamond.


That’s it!

My heart has been gripped by fear.

Fearing the unknown

Having failed – after several attempts – to get hold of Diamond and his mom, I sort of decided to give up and continue praying for him. I would also be lying if I said I have been praying, because truth be told, I haven’t uttered a single prayer for Diamond.

Diamond was (I am referring to him in last tense because I haven’t heard or seen him after he left prison) a very engaging young man. He was humble, hard working, wanted to record his album and wanted to go back to school.

I regret two things.

I regret the fact that I didn’t try or do enough for Diamond to record his songs while he was still behind bars. I also regret not having been there when he left prison and needed someone to drive him home.

I also regret having failed to meet his mom. Though we eventually got her a bag of groundnuts for her ground nut roasting business, we never met.

Wait a minute, someone is calling me. Maybe it is Diamond or his mom calling on a new number.

Well, it was a reminder of a BAKE event I was supposed to attend this event. I am not able to go because I am unwell.

Taking Pieces of Me Away

Lifesomg Kenya
Every exceptional young man we meet leaves a long lasting impression on our hearts

I finally gathered enough courage to call a few minutes ago and confirmed my fears. Diamond and his mom are still MIA!

Working with these group of boys has a way of taking pieces of me away. No matter how hard I try not to go too deep, I keep failing. There are no ways about empowering people.

You’re either in all the way or you don’t try at all. This being so, I will keep calling and keep hoping, viewing and trusting that Diamond and his mom will resurface one day.

Meanwhile, I will continue doing all it takes to ensure that the boys graduating this coming Wednesday exit prison empowered to continue discovering how to use their God-given treasures and fully embrace crime-free lifestyles.

I think Diamond and his mom – wherever they may be – deserve that.

How you can help

If you know a mom, husband or children whose loves one is in prison, please offer them your support. You can offer to pay for their transport to and from prison.

You can also offer to accompany them to prison. Don’t worry if you have nothing to carry and give. Your presence will be much more valuable than if you don’t go at all.

If you don’t know any person whose loved one is in prison, you can still help. Much as bringing things will help, sharing your skills, talent, expertise and experience will do a lot of good.

Get a group of your friends and visit the nearest prison facility. Or better still, come and work as a volunteer with Lifesong Kenya!



Taking Pieces of Me Away

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