Who We Are

We are a Community Based Organization that is committed to empowering male teenage offenders through restorative justice that includes skills and reconciliation with their families, the people they’ve wronged and the community.

We believe that boys in conflict with the law deserve a second chance, access to quality educational opportunities, employable skills, reconciliation, healing and restoration back to their families and the community where they belong.

who we are

What We Do

Reaching out

We are always there to help boys make sense of the circumstances they’ve found themselves in while in prison.

This helps them to come to terms with what has happened, seek to address the wrong and harm they have caused to their families and the people they’ve hurt and chart a new path.


Prison is providing 80% of boys an avenue to learn a new skill they can use to find gainful employment after they exit prison. 

Education is therefore an ideal tool for empowering these boys. 

We are teaching the boys ICT, soft skills and ensure that we provide the best learning experience.

Reducing stigma

75% of the boys we’re working with often face stigma and rejection from their families and their community when they exit juvenile prison. As a result, they often end up re-offending and coming back to prison as hardened criminals.

We are trying to reduce this through our intervention and won’t stop until we get there.


Juvenile offenders often spend time in detention blaming themselves, their families and the people they have wronged. 

Their self-esteem and confidence is completely shattered and needs rebuilding. Our first step is to help them replace old habits with new thoughts and way of doing things.


When crime and offence happens, relationships are ruined. As a result, conflicts happen and people who used to relate well don’t see eye to eye. 

Our duty and responsibility is to provide a forum for healing and reconciliation between our boys, their families and the people they have hurt. 


We rely on building and developing relationships with various stakeholders that include wonderful people like you!

Our success cannot be possible without help from others. We are grateful for those who continue to volunteer their time and skills and generous donations and giving.

We Need You

Some Causes

Half Way Cycle Fundraiser​

Half Way Cycle Fundraiser​

REAM Program

REAM Program

skills empowerment program

Skills Empowerment Program

We're looking for you

It is impossible to fully empower our exceptional young men without wonderful people like you. We always need volunteer who love to help.




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