Lifesong Kenya is a supportive community that empowers teenage boys to exiting juvenile prison with employable skills. Research shows that boys who exit prison with employable skills have better chances of overcoming stigma and rejection from family and the community.

This helps reduce recidivism and reoffending.

What We Do
Boys who get the opportunity to exercise their creativity often become better problem solvers
Vision and Mission
Our vision is to reconcile teenage boys and the communities they have hurt through crime and reduce recidivism and crime through job skills training.
Our mission is to facilitate healing, hope, personal and spiritual growth through teaching employable skills. We seek to provide a platform for reconciliation and reentry back to families and the community.

 “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

 — John Crosby

Lifesong Kenya Students from Siena College sharing ideas during an Inside OUT Program

Our Partners and Supporters

Our Partners

Wollwerth Imagery is the brainchild of John Wollwerth, an award winning photographer whose exemplary work has appeared in The New York Times, Inside Weddings, The Washington Post, Beaufort Lifestyle, South Carolina Homes and Gardens, Garden and Gun to name but a few.

John has been one of our partners since 2014. He has been offering insight on photography as well as sending monthly contributions. His advice on how to improve our work and Wollwerth Imagery’s financial support has been instrumental and has seen us weather the storm.

Follow this link to check out John’s extensive gallery and book his services. His eye for detail and commitment to do a great job will breathe life into your photos and videos.

“I met James Ouma in 2014, when he was teaching girls about their value as young women and as people. I have met few people who have a heart for those who are in difficult situations, in prison and other seemingly hopeless places.”

— John Wollwerth, Wollwerth Imagery

Lifesong Kenya supporters

Kencare Fabricators is an exemplary metal fabrication and welding company that is located next to our office. They specialize in windows, beds, doors, gates and wrought iron.

The business has employed hundreds of young men who are able to support themselves and their families. Kencare Faricators has offered to train boys interested in metal fabrication and welding. We believe that this will be an ideal avenue to empower our boys with additional employable skills.

In addition, Kencare Fabricators owners and employees are regular customers at our shop. By using our services, they end up supporting our work.

Lambwe Motors Garage offers unmatched motor vehicle repairs and services. It is one of the garages where our boys can access and learn mechanical motor repairs at a discounted fees.

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