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Our computer training seeks empower boys in juvenile prison to successful reintegrate into the community with valuable skills

Our programs and activities focus on empowering boys and young men into becoming responsible adults full of integrity, compassion, character and respect for women, children and the environment. Currently, Lifesong Kenya is  running the following programs:-

Our programs and activities

(a). Inside Out

This program is for boys aged 12 – 17 at Kamiti Juvenile Remand Prison. We aim to rehabilitate, reform, reconcile and reintegrate juvenile offenders back to the society.

(b). Standing With Boys

 This program is for boys aged 8 – 17 at Kangemi Youth Primary School and Five Star Academy. The program aims at empowering the boys to become men of character, conscience and courage.

(c). Impact Zone

 This program is for children aged 3 – 14 at Five Star Academy and is aimed at creating a passion for learning and purposeful living in school children. We conduct reading activities, offer motivational talks and run the journalism club.

(d). Reading Club

This programme aims at creating a passion for reading, writing and learning as opposed to watching too much TV and engaging in social vices that don’t add value to children. The reading club can also be used as a fundraising tool for Lifesong Kenya.

(e). School Holiday Missions and Outreach

We also conduct holiday missions and outreach programs outside Nairobi to empower young people. The places we have gone to includes Maralal, Baragoi and other regions where we conduct week-long activities.

Issues and Concerns addressed

A member of Lifesong Kenya guides children into finding homegrown solutions

The programme identifies, addresses and seeks to find solutions to the factors that affect children and young people as they seek to pursue a life full of purpose and meaning, such as;

  • Lack of involvement of fathers in the upbringing of children
  • Lack of motivation for learning in school
  • Stigma and discrimination of ex-juvenile offenders
  • Lack of positive role models
  • Lack of access to education
  • Peer influence
  • Drug and substance abuse

The above concerns are addressed through;

  1. Mentorship programmes
  2. Guidance and counseling
  3. Skill empowerment classes
  4. Therapeutic dance
  5. Shaving and hygiene
  6. Calling and tracing parents/guardians and victims of crime
  7. Reading and learning activities
  8. Provision of books and other learning materials
  9. Talent development through art therapy, music, sports e.t.c.
  10. Follow-up activities

List of Resources Needed

our programs
The Lifesong Kenya fundraising team after a past half marathon

We need partnership in terms of getting volunteers and resource people who will help us get:

  1. Funding and facilitation of programmes and activities
  2. Computers and accessories for the computer literacy program
  3. Sanitary towels, panties, underwear, soap, toothpaste, dry foodstuff, e.t.c.
  4. Exercise books, novels, mathematical sets, revision and other learning materials
  5. Material and equipment for art therapy, music, sports and other talent development activities
  6. Male and female employees who will visit and mentor the children and young people in our project

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