The Problem we seek to Solve

Rapid urban growth in Kenya has led to the collapse of traditional family system. This has forced single mothers to shoulder the problem alone. As a result many children have ended up lacking parental supervision.

The growing number of street children coupled with the collapse family system has exposed vulnerable children to social vices. The Children’s Department in Kenya is facing challenges due to the rapid increase of child delinquents and offenders. This is the problem that Lifesong Kenya seeks to address through its programs.

The problem addressed

  • Parental negligence
  • Lack of motivation for learning in school
  • Stigma and discrimination of ex-juvenile offenders
  • Lack of positive role models
  • Limited access to education
  • Negative peer influence
  • Drug and substance abuse

The above concerns are addressed through;

  1. Mentoring programs
  2. Guidance and counseling
  3. Shaving and hygiene
  4. Calling and tracing parents/guardians and victims of crime
  5. Reading and learning activities
  6. Provision of books to the Nairobi Remand School
  7. Talent development through art therapy, music, dance, sports e.t.c.
  8. Follow-up activities

Lifesong Kenya Intervention and Solution

Lifesong Kenya seeks to identify, address and find solutions to the above factors. Our intervention enables vulnerable young people to live with purpose and meaning. Our intervention uses

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Reading
  • Discipleship
  • Capacity building

The program provides a forum for male role models to encourage, support and guide young people into taking full responsibility for their actions. The recipients of our intervention program develop character, conscience, compassion and courage in order to live lives that are full of purpose and productivity. They also learn that they have a unique purpose and mission to fulfill and that they are not just passing by.

Lifesong Kenya involves mentors who minister in juvenile prison, rehab and informal schools as we seek to empower our young people to make positive changes in their lives and use available resources to advance in their chosen fields of career.

Feel free to apply for volunteer positions at Lifesong Kenya. Your involvement will greatly impact

The Problem
A member of the British Army Band sews buttons during a Lifesong Kenya session at Five Academy, Kangemi (2015)