Our programs and activities require resources and funding. We still don’t have a source of funding. However, our sustainability plan involves a lot of activities.

Our Sustainability Plan
Fundraising through running marathons

Our sustainability plan

Our sustainability plan involves the following activities:-

  • Creative Writing

Would you like your children to learn the art of creative writing?  Feel free to contact me for custom-make a creative writing training format for your child. The fees vary depending on the needs and other relevant factors.

  • Lifesong Club House 

We provide story books for child who signs up for Lifesong Club House membership. The online forum is for consultation purposes as well as accessing instructional materials that can be downloaded and uploaded on our website.

Lifesong Club House will conduct two types of reading events during the school term and school holidays. The charges will vary accordingly.

  • Mentorship

Lifesong Club House is currently offering mentorship programme for groups and individuals for purposes of creating a passion for purposeful living and inspiring children to live their lives to the fullest.

Other sustainability plans

  • Guidance and Counseling

Would you like your child to have someone guide and counsel them and help them make informed life choices? We have capable child-friendly counselors who are available to walk with your child at a fee. Feel free to contact us at Lifesong Club House and book an appointment with our counselors for exclusive private and confidential services.

  • Event Management

Lifesong Club House will manage your child’s event right from birthday parties and other family occasions that puts your child at the centre. We will provide the sound, video coverage, take photos, birthday cake and other services that are custom-made to leave a memorable and long lasting impression on your child.

  • Inspirational Speaking Engagements

Lifesong Club House staff members are available for inspirational and motivational speaking engagements for children and students. We are currently involved in inspiring children and young people from all phases of life and can be engaged at a fee.

  • Fundraising activities

We participate in half marathons as well as duathlon series that are aimed at fundraising.

  • Content Writing services

Through Candid Writers  we offer the following services:

  • Custom content creation
  • Social media campaigns
  • Product reviews
  • Sponsored posts
  • Book reviews
  • Promotional articles
  • Children’s reading programs