Our programs and activities include:-

(a). Inside Out

This is a mentoring program for boys in juvenile prison aged 12 – 17. Its objective is to rehabilitate, reconcile and reintegrate juvenile offenders back into the society.

(b). Lifeline

Lifeline is an empowerment outreach for girls aged 10 – 17. We use therapeutic dance to empower and develop the girls’ character.

(c). Impact Zone

This is a reading and learning initiative for children in primary schools. Lifesong Kenya collects and donates story books to children. We plan to have resource centres where children can borrow and read books.

(d). Short Term Missions

These are conducted in April, August and December where we go across the country to sew buttons for children.

Our Programs

Lifesong Kenya conducts its programs and activities on a weekly basis. The programs focus on character and capacity development. Our recipients learn how to develop character, conscience and courage. Since we engage male role models in our work, children learn their unique purpose in life.

The mentors use their experience to empower young people. Through the visits, children develop positive attitude in life. They also learn how their decisions impact on their future goals in life.

Since its inception, Lifesong Kenya has worked with over 1,000 children. Most of the boys we have worked with have embraced crime-free lives. This has contributed to low re-entry by youths who used to have a constant brush with the law.

Other Activities

  • Shaving and blow drying
  • Donation of sanitary pads and panties
  • Christmas party
  • Sewing children’s torn clothes
  • Creative writing on Amazon

Current Partners who are involved in our work include

  1. The Mint
  2. Standing with Boys
  3. Strathmore University

It is our strong belief that Lifesong Kenya has the potential of growing stronger. We are calling upon you to get involved. This will enable Lifesong Kenya to reach greater heights. Why don’t you contact us for more information.

Our Programs
Lianna Powell sewing buttons for a girl at Havilla Centre