Donate and Support Lifesong Kenya

Donate and support Lifesong Kenya for a chance to transform thousands of children. It is your generous support that enables Lifesong Kenya to achieve its objectives. Our work is already gaining support from various sources. That is why we need you on board. Through your support our children will receive more;

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Shoes
  • Needles
  • Sewing thread
  • Buttons

You can donate and support

Send in-kind donations such as clothes, shoes, toys, story books e.t.c. to

Lifesong Kenya

℅ Elris Communication Services Ltd

P.O. BOX 4107 City Square

Nairobi, KENYA

Cell: +254 724 411109

Send money through our PayPal address:

You can also support Lifesong Kenya on M-Changa.

Your contribution will enable us to;

  1. Conduct bakery training for 40 girls aged 8 – 17
  2. Conduct shaving for boys in juvenile prison
  3. Empower 500 children in 3 schools
  4. Pay exam fee
  5. Provide transport for volunteers
  6. Pay Lifesong Kenya full time staff members

Get Involved

Lifesong Kenya’s  programs currently depend on in-kind support. But we need financial support. All amounts of donations are welcome. We welcome monthly contributions. You can form a Lifesong Kenya club in your campus or school in order to raise funds. You can also buy products on Amazon by using the links appearing on our website. Every purchase on Amazon earns Lifesong Kenya a commission that is channeled directly into supporting our work.

Lastly, you can also work with Lifesong Kenya as a volunteer. Your participation will positively impact the lives of Kenyan children. You will also gain valuable experience. While your involvement will bring long lasting change into the world. Get in touch with us and help us to achieve our objectives in 2016.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sewing children’s torn shirts and replacing buttons during a mission in Baragoi