About Us
Cynthia shares a light moment at Five Star Academy

About Us

Welcome to Lifesong Kenya’s about us page. First of all, it is our joy to note your interest in our noble cause. Most of all, we urge you to to join the Lifesong Kenya family. Your partnership will enable us to be more effective. As a result, our child-friendly services will empower more vulnerable children.

Focus areas:-

  •  juvenile prison
  • informal schools
  • children’s homes

Programs and activities 

  • Reading
  • Mentoring
  • Character development
  • Economic empowerment

Our vision

To become a pivotal organization that empowers children into responsible adulthood.

Our mission      

Empowering vulnerable young people through character development.

Our Objectives

  • Mentoring children into responsible adulthood
  • Turning reading into an individual, social and lifetime experience
  • Developing intentional lifestyle
  • Providing guidance and counseling
  • Facilitating capacity building initiatives

Our success story

The boys we have worked with have embraced crime-free lives. As a result, most of them have gone back to school, while the rest have never gone back to prison. Our therapeutic dance enables children to adopt a positive attitude towards life.

Most of all, the children we work with have improved. The older students have started peer-to-peer mentoring. By teaching younger students, teachers now have less heavy work load.  At the same time, discipline have improved both in school and at home, due to our efforts.

Before Lifesong Kenya came in, the children did not have hope. Most of them lacked direction and missed school. They also lacked self-belief and did not have goals. Through our activities, the children are learning how to express themselves. This has enabled them to adopt a positive attitude towards life.

In summary

Finally, our success depends on your participation. There are so many opportunities for you and your family. We need partners and volunteers. You can support our work by contributing money or donating learning resources. You can also volunteer online or come to our onsite programs.

We encourage you to sign up and become a volunteer. In addition to doing good, you will also add value to our programs. Feel free to contact us for more information about us.