How to become an amazing dad is one of the issues that Lifesong Kenya addresses. A majority of the boys we meet in juvenile prison come from families that are led by single moms. While the rest have what I refer to as hands-off-dads who are not actively involved in the lives of their children.

how to become an amazing dad
Being present in your son’s life makes you an amazing dad

“72-80% of Kenyans have never had a father while only 15% say they love their fathers.”

– Simon Mbevi, Transform Nations

How to become an amazing dad

According to Simon Mbevi, the founder of Transform Nations, 72-80% of Kenyans have never had a father while only 15% say they love their fathers. Despite these worrying facts and statistics, it is still possible to become an amazing dad. All you need to do is know the primary roles that every dad needs to play.

There is much more to being a father than contributing the seed that fathers a child. A father is someone who takes up the responsibility of taking care of his wife and children. He also takes care of other children who don’t have a father. By doing so, he becomes a father-figure who plays the following roles:-

  • Protection
  • Provision
  • Professing truths
  • Playing the role of a priest
  • Being present

5 roles of an amazing dad

  • Being present

You need to be present in the lives of your children and wife by actively getting involved. Your presence needs to be felt during graduations, sporting events, birthdays and when a young man picks up your daughter for a date. Spending time with your children is the best investment and gift you can ever give as a man.

  • Protection

Providing protection doesn’t necessarily mean you must have the body of a body builder. It may help if you have some. However, having muscles has got nothing to do with being an amazing dad. You need to defend your family morally, from bullies and bad company. Stand up for your children and family and protect them.

  • Provision

Providing for your family’s needs goes beyond paying rent, school fees and other expenses. Your ability to provide should not be confined to finances because there will be times you won’t have a job! By sharing what you expect from your children, you end up providing a vision for them which is more important than providing tangible things only.

  • Affirming your children

By affirming your faith in your children’s ability to get things done they become more confident. Do this even when they fail to meet your expectations. By telling your children they are able to accomplish something, they become more courageous and acquire skills that enable them to adequately face and address challenges.

  • Priesthood

As a father, your children look up to you for leadership. Things such as making sure the doors and windows are closed at night should not be delegated to your wife and children. By taking responsibility over such matters, your children will feel secure knowing you care. You should also lead prayers during meal times, before your family goes to bed and when they wake up.

Final thoughts

How to become an amazing dad is something that every father should aspire to do. You may have not been an amazing dad to your children in the past. But that is now water gone under the bridge. You still have the opportunity to become an amazing dad. Start by signing up for our Standing with Boys program and acquire the skills you need as a responsible dad.

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”

– Jim Valvano






How to Become An Amazing Dad