how to empower teenagers against sexual activity
Teenagers have self-control unlike what adults believe

How to empower teenagers against sexual activity is a sensitive parental issue. And so it was during yesterday’s Victoria’s Lounge on NTV. The moment I saw Avril in the panel I knew there was something cooking. I didn’t have to wait for long. How many ladies carry condoms with them, she asked. None raised their hand. Perhaps, it didn’t provide answers to how to empower teenagers against sexual activity.

The history of condoms dates back to centuries before the 19th century. Condoms were a preferred form of birth control in the western world. Later on, it became important in efforts to fight the AIDS pandemic.

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How to empower teenagers against sexual activity?

There are many people who believe that self-control is beyond teenagers. This kind of mindset believes that condoms can be used to defuse sexual activity in teenagers. A majority of these believers are adults and not teenagers themselves.

This points to a manipulation of the collective teenagers’ thought process. But, is it possible to empower teenagers against sexual activity?

The truth is, managing sex drive is absolutely possible. There is enough evidence that carrying condoms isn’t a preventive measure. In fact, it could be a contributing factor that pre-empts sexual activity. Despite extensive promotion of condoms, young people still engage in risky sexual behaviors. In most cases, condom use is relatively low or non-existent.

Factors contributing to low condom usage among teenagers

  • Negative attitude against condom usage
  • Ineffective usage methods
  • Concern about condom safety and breakage
  • Low quality of condoms especially the ones given free of charge
  • Condom usage signifies lack of trust in a sexual partner
  • Having condoms is a sign of infidelity

Having an active sexual drive as a teenager is natural. Teenagers are sexual beings whose genes drive them to indulge in sexual activity. At the same time, they have immense control over their sexual urges. Besides, the right place for sexual activity is marriage. This does not mean that married people don’t find another person attractive.

In fact married people might feel a strong urge towards having sex with someone else. But that doesn’t mean they have to act upon their impulses. Committed married couples make a choice not to act on such sexual urges and reserve it for their spouses. These are some of the tips on how to empower teenagers against sexual activity


1. Accept that sexual drive is part of your nature

There is no shame in having a sexual desire towards the opposite sex. Instead of burying your feelings, accept that it is part of your life. Sex is a physical need that needs to satisfied in marriage, which is its right place and context. Once you accept this fact, you can take control over your feelings.

2. Identify sexual triggers

The next step is knowing what triggers your sexual feelings. We live in a society that is full of triggers that set off our

know your triggers
You would rather look ignorant than regret later

sexual feelings. Identifying these triggers and their effect will enable you to steer clear of them.  For instance, men tend to be sexually turned on by visual stimuli. Women are more prone to verbal stimuli.

You also need to identify your personal sexual triggers. Learn to identify if a particular person, emotion or time sets off your sexual triggers. You can do this by creating a list of your triggers while engaging in the following activities:

  • During a gym, yoga or dance class
  • When you are around a particular person
  • Watching certain videos or listening to a particular type of music

3. Steer away from porn

Pornography is a temporary way of satisfying sexual urges. Engaging in it makes you to develop an unhealthy dependence that is hard to break. Get rid of every pornographic material in your dorm room or hostel.

Do not visit male hostels at night or engage in social activities that may cloud your judgment. Abstain from alcohol, drugs and engaging in activities that will lower your inhibitions.

You can also set firewalls on your computer and bar pornographic sites and materials. This can also be set on all devices that access internet. It is better to appear ignorant to your peers than regret later.

4. Replace your triggers with other activities

By focusing on other things that are non-sexual, you are able to gain total control. With time, this becomes second nature. If you think about sex during a long bus drive, you can read a book or finish your homework. You can also chat with your university mentor.

5. Engage in non-sexual relationships

Develop and nurture non-sexual relationships with other people. There are a lot of activities, on and off campus. If there are none in existent, you can initiate them. Consider joining or starting volunteer clubs. You can use such clubs to find solutions that will impact the lives of vulnerable people in the society.

In conclusion

If nothing can get your mind off sex, then you might as well seek help. Your obsession with sex might be a potential problem that needs an urgent solution. It is good to know that God has given you intuition, common sense and the will power to control your sexual urges. You can join a Christian Union fellowship and seek for divine intervention.

These are some of the effective ways of how to empower teenagers against sexual activity. Contact us if you need a counselor or mentor to talk to.





How to Empower Teenagers Against Sexual Activity