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The 8 Days that Gave Me a Glimpse of Life Behind Bars: Part 2

After the preaching was done, we asked to close our eyes. Those who needed to give their lives to Christ were encouraged to do so. “You’re going to gain your freedom today, just like the Samaritan woman did,” a lady in the team said. I did not know what to believe. All I knew was […]

The 8 Days that Gave Me a Glimpse of Life Behind Bars

Would you like to know how I got involved in working in prison? Read on and find out how it all started. In 2005, I got arrested and spent 8 days under police custody in two different police stations. What I experienced within those 8 days is nothing compared to a life in Kenyan prisons. […]

Lifesong Kenya is Looking for You

Are you looking for an opportunity make and leave a long lasting impact on this generation? Lifesong Kenya is looking for you! Read on and find out why you should consider plugging into our programs and activities. According to officials at Kamiti Prison, more than 75% of boys who exit juvenile prison often face stigma […]

Strangers in the Night and the Joker

Earnest Okello and I arrive at KYCTC and it takes another hour before the boys can gather for our first ICT CAT (continuous assessment test). The occassion is so special I have cycled 25 KM to witness it. After waking up at 5:30 AM, to make and have breakfast it is a mystery that I […]

Why a Halfway House Makes More Sense Now

We are on our way to Meru to follow up with one of our exceptional young men. As we embark on this new journey, I can’t help but reflect on the past 5 days. The past 5 days – after our second graduation party – have been a rollercoaster. One of our boys who used […]

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