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Welcome to Lifesong Kenya’s about us page.

Lifesong Kenya is a volunteer based organization that was established in 2010 before its formal registration as Community Based Organization in 2013. Lifesong Kenya facilitates the empowerment of children and young people through reading, mentoring, coaching, educational initiatives and capacity training as we aim to raise up responsible men and women full of purpose, integrity and courage.

Our programs  and activities are currently benefiting close to 1,000 children and young people per week in the following institutions:-

  • Lifesong Kenya (library & resource centre)
  • Kamiti Juvenile Prison
  • Five Star Academy
  • Kangemi Youth

Tools used:-

About us

about us
Children who exercise creativity often become better problem solvers

Our vision

To become a pivotal organization that empowers young men and women into responsible adulthood.

Our mission

To facilitate the empowerment of young men and women through purposeful living, positive masculinity and femininity, coaching, mentorship programmes, education, training and capacity building initiatives.

Our Objectives

    1. To mentor young men and women into responsible adulthood by involving positive male and female role models in the society
    2. Make reading a social experience and an individual activity that can be carried into adulthood as opposed to watching too much TV or engaging in social vices
    3. To develop an interest for purpose-filled lifestyle as opposed to engaging in crime and other social vices
    4. To offer a forum for rehabilitation, reform, reconciliation and reintegration back into the community
    5. Assist youths to gain access to education, hands-on skills training and job placements
    6. To offer a forum where career people and role models can mentor and inspire children into a life filled with purpose and meaning.

Programs and activities

By building upon the innate sense of curiosity, creativity and thirst for knowledge in all children and young people, we hope to instill a passion for life in all the recipients of our program.

Lifesong Kenya’s focal point through different stages of life:-

  • Early Childhood Development

Our reading club aims to create a passion for a purposeful and joyful childhood. Our objective is to make reading at this age more of a social experience as well as an individual activity. We hope that every child or young person will adopt reading as a lifestyle and carry it into adulthood as opposed to watching too much TV or engaging in social vices.

We achieve this through reading clubs, creative writing, art clubs among other outdoor activities.

  • Youth Empowerment

Our objective is to empower youths to find the “treasure that lies within” by using their God given talents and abilities in advancing in life. This includes coaching and mentoring activities that allow access to education, hands-on skills training and job placements.

  • Adulthood¬†actualization

We empower professionals to maximize on their potentials and scale up their skills in the corporate world. By doing so, we empower them to have more fulfilling careers, clarity of goals and visions that leads to a more purpose filled lifestyle.

This is done both one on one and or corporate settings.


about us
A group of boys during a Lifesong Kenya reading session


Feel free to sign up your child to any of our programs by contacting us. We will be glad to hear from you and to work with your child.