Sewing children’s torn clothes and replacing missing buttons

Lifesong Kenya provides youth-friendly services that enables youth to feel at home. Our activities aim at empowering Kenyan boys and young men aged 13-17 years in informal schools and juvenile prison. Through our programs, youths learn how to become responsible adults. They also learn how to take responsibility for their own actions.

Lifesong Kenya is currently involved in the following activities:-

  • Reading
  • Mentoring
  • Discipleship
  • Character Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Personal Hygiene

Our Vision

Lifesong Kenya seeks to become a pivotal organization that empowers youth.

Our Mission      

To empower youth through capacity building initiatives.

Current Programmes 

Lifesong Kenya currently has programs in the following institutions:-

  • Kamiti prison remand
  • Five Star Academy

We also have short-term missions during school holidays where we engage youths in various activities. The juvenile offenders we have worked with have embraced crime-free lives. Most of them have gone back to school while the rest have never gone back to prison. Our therapeutic dance enables children to adopt a positive attitude towards life.

Despite the fact that most of the children we work with still speak broken English, they are more confident. Their class performance has also improved. The older students have started peer-to-peer mentoring. By teaching younger students, teachers now have less heavy work load.  At the same time, discipline have improved both in school and at home.

Before Lifesong Kenya came in, the children did not have hope. Most of them lacked direction and missed school. They also lacked self-belief and did not have goals. Through our activities, the children are learning how to express themselves. This has enabled them to adopt a positive attitude towards life.

In conclusion

Lifesong Kenya hopes to build working partnerships and networks with you.  This will enable us to build on the achievements we have had so far. There are so many areas of partnership, right from material to financial support.

Our current partners include friends on Facebook and other social networks. However, we still need to involve more partners. Lifesong Kenya is counting on you to get on board. Your involvement will empower us. It will also help us to reach more children who need our services. On your part, you will contribute towards transforming lives. As a result, our world will be a better place. Why don’t you sign up and join us?

Contact us today and find an opportunity that will advance our vision. We look forward to hearing from you.